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Snip, Snip, Snip …

No, no don’t go there … get your mind out of the gutter. We’re not talking about that snip. Eww! Far from it. The snip, snip, snip, in this case was us, this weekend. As we hit 150 something days of self imposed isolation from the outside world at large, we decided, you know, like you do, that we would cut one another’s hair.

It seems so obvious we could do it and, therefore, should do it … except we forgot the cardinal rule. Do not try to do the job of a professional just because it looks easy.

I mean, would either of us attempt to set a broken bone? No! How about write a will? No! Or maybe we think we can pull our own teeth? Now, wouldn’t that be fun? No!

Most. Definitely. NO!

But, like a couple of village idiots we took turns sitting on the side of the bath tub, and with a pair of school scissors, began lopping of bits of wet hair like we were Vidal Sassoon and this was the 80s … and pudding bowl haircuts were very much in vogue and chic.

Yeah … no. Not a good idea, let me tell you. 30 minutes of cautious hacking later, and a tub full of multi-colour tufts of hair, and we looked like a pair of extras from the stage musical, Oliver! Except, we’re weren’t singing for more, I can assure you.

After a lot of nervous giggling. That baseball cap I’d been wearing for the last month is now future fixture sat atop my head till, well, hell freezes over, or the pandemic ends and I feel safe enough to visit a professional hairdresser!

Photographic evidence? You are kidding, right? Neither of us is ever going to admit to anyone outside of this blog, what we did. Some secrets we will take to the grave.

Word of advice? Do not assume to think cutting hair is easy, it isn’t.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make a strong cup of tea and affix my baseball cap at a jaunty angel.

The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow …”

Broken Themes: Update

Just to let you know, after I installed this new theme for the Wry Writer, it still did not work as hoped. As in, suddenly the comments were no longer visible to anyone. So please, do not worry, they are there and this problem will be rectified by the end of today (EST).

The theme creator has issued an update to their theme, UKU, after WordPress decided to break the internet yesterday with their latest update, 5.5. Anyone who uploaded this new update suddenly found their themes having a variety of problems, from errant menus to lost comments, and no images or posts loading.

Thankfully, Elmastudios are a top notch company and got onto this problem, fast. And issued a linked update for all their themes. Praise be the German companies.

Anyway, normal service will, as they say, resume shortly!

Broken Themes …

No, I’m not referring to something deep or existential but WordPress. The software upon which I run this blog, and every other blog I own. Yesterday, without thinking, and on auto pilot after posting, I went and updated to the newer version of WordPress and … when it finished, was immediately sorry

Sorry that I hadn’t done my usual routine: read the update log first. Check I had a back up of the blog. And, made sure I had backed up my posts. Stupid is as stupid does … the new update has done something to break my theme. My lovely simple theme now doesn’t want to play with this latest version of WordPress and, upon checking, I cannot see an update to the theme itself.

I’m bummed to say the least. What’s a dimwit to do? Sighs! Me, who should know better.

Ah, well, we are always reminded that without focus we can make bad choices. This one won’t kill me, or threaten anyone with extinction. But it is as irritating as hell. I don’t particularly want to change the look and feel of the Wry Writer. I like it how it is … but I think you have all seen the annoyance in the navbar under my logo/header image: the new MENU box that suddenly appeared.

I have searched all my plugins and the theme code itself to figure out how to remove the extra dropdown menu function, without success, obviously. And now, I seem to be stuck with it.

So, here goes nothing. Stand by for revamped blog number one thousand and something or other!


Hi, Honey, I’m Home!

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been away having my left foot extracted from my mouth, nor have I had any length of stiff object removed from my rear end. But have, in fact, been taking time away from blogging about slices of life (mine in particular) in order to gather my thoughts and, as they say, follow other pursuits.

Namely, I’m back book blogging (for those who didn’t already know) at Book Blurb—yes, I’ve been reading again as another means of staying away from social media. And thoroughly enjoying and rediscovering my love of fantasy, as a result. If you want to keep up with my review, views and general book gossip, find me there.

Along with reading more, I will be adding more fiction and other writing related stuff over on my writer’s website a Work In Progress. So if you are into consuming cereal in a big way you might like to follow along over there. Plus, hopefully, I’ll be adding a few new short stories I’m currently working on.

Meanwhile, here, on the Wry Writer, I plan on getting back into the habit of sharing a few more of my thoughts, with you. At least, those of you who follow. I kind of missed emptying my head of this and that, here in a post, and connecting with some of you.

Anyway, that’s the plan right now. We’ll just have to see how it all stacks up given real life always manages to throw each and every one of us the odd curve ball.

COVID continues to swirl around us but, as yet, hasn’t directly affect any of my extended family or friends. For which I’m ever thankful for. I hope you all continue to be safe where ever you are.

As always, take care and live your best life!