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Side effects of Covid-19

Even here, in our somewhat quiet little city, we’re seeing the knock-on effects of people going crazy, and stockpiling supplies like it’s the end of the world. That dystopian future we all so love to read about is here, in my backyard … people are buying up toilet rolls like there is no tomorrow! I… Continue reading

To Edit, or not to Edit

One of the topics of conversation doing the rounds on various blogs, usually asked by first time or emerging writers is, ‘why is editing a book so expensive?‘ Usually indicating they are, in all likelihood, going to (a) self-publish and (b) not have their work edited or, at the very least, not edited by a… Continue reading

Writing negative reviews

There are any number of reason why you might decide a book is a meh read. One could be bad story telling on the part of the author, where a situation doesn’t ring true, or the characters do things that, quite frankly,  strain all credibility, to say the least. This happens a lot for me,… Continue reading

Early Morning Blues

It’s tough in the morning when you get up before the sun does and your partner stares at you for a second, and then says, “Do you know what, you have Tom Selleck’s eyebrows.”

Sigh, sure, let’s go with that today …

My Sister and other Phenomena

My sister breaks things. It’s a fact—a family fact. She doesn’t just break ordinary things like you or I might do; dishes, glassware, bones in our body, no. My sister breaks things like, the internet. What? Oh, okay, so maybe it wasn’t her, per se, who caused Google to have a nervous breakdown the other… Continue reading

A Change of Scenery

Dear All: I’m reclaiming the Wry Writer website to utilise for other purposes. And have moved ALL my posts (along with all your wonderful comments) over to a fresh new site specifically created for all things books: BOOK BLURB I do hope you will choose to join me there and sign up to follow along,… Continue reading