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Spam, Spam, Spam!

No, I am not talking about the Monty Python version of spam, but that less nutritious version that plops into our in-boxes not daily, but by the hour and the minute! Oh, it was so nice of the UN to write to me personally telling me some distant relative in some unnamed country has left me millions, which are all tied up in that unnamed county’s banks. And that I would have to submit a form, duly filled out with all my personal and banking details, so they could make sure I got my inheritance. And wasn’t it nice of General Ungagwa’s wife to write to me personally, and let me know that I could help her get her husband’s considerable (stolen) fortune out of Nigeria. She would be only too willing to cut me a big pay check. All I need to do is facilitate moving these millions from her late husband’s bank, to mine, and I would be rich … yeah! Sure! You know I get as much fun reading the SPAM mail …

Sharing Some Linky Love

Okay, because I’m at home today, and I don’t really have a blog post of my own, and I’ve been playing catchup with everyone else’s blog posts, I thought to do a link round up of all my favourite reads. So, here goes—please take a moment to check out these great blogs: Norrie at Reading Under The Blankie had Sunday Coffee Inge at The Belgian Reviewer is reviewing RESIN by Ane Riel Sophie at Beware The Reader did her Weekly Round-up Vera at Unfiltered Tales had some lively Chitter-Chatter Kaleena at Reader Voracious interviewed Maria from Chile So if you are stuck for something to read, grab a brew and go makes some new friends.