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Café au Lait

Sometimes, there is only one thing that makes life just right … the perfect cup of coffee. But not just any cup of coffee—a café au lait! Thank you Brulerie Rousseau, you know how to give a woman what she wants!

Fickle Friday’s and Fun Festivals

Today is the start of a number of festivals, the Rickard’s BBQ festival, the Vintage Car festival, the Street Music festival, and also the opening of our new, covered, Grand Marché selling regional and seasonal products. You know the stuff, cheese and meats that make your mouth water, artisan-made breads and pastries, fresh fruit and veg from the region, and all things arty and edible. So, of course, it’s raining. And I mean, peeing down in a steady, dull soaking wetness … I think you get the picture. And we’re due rain for, get it, the entire three days of these festivals. It never fails. You can almost guarantee wet weather will mess up the start of the summer festivals. It’s almost a given. We were especially looking forward to a day out at both the BBQ fest and then, the vintage car fest, in which over a 1000 vintage cars will be on view—and there’s usually a lot of food and drink to go with this festival too, which is situated in one of …

A Duck Family Outing!

I’ve been running a lot of errands today, but along with me, the traffic, my bus, and a couple of thoughtful Guys, a duck taking her family for a walkabout (to who knows where) stopped us all in our tracks. It took the 2 Guys 3-4 minutes to usher Mama Duck and her brood across the busy road. But all made it safely to the other side. Where she went after that, I don’t know, as I had to catch the bus, but at least I got a photo.

Welcome | Bienvenue

Hi there and welcome to my new spot in cyberspace: Excuse me while I dust off the furniture and find you a chair. As you can see, nothing much has changed, other than the actual web address. Everything’s still here. All my posts arrived safely, as did all your comments. The only thing that seems to have been lost in transit—or is that, translation?—is people’s post ‘likes’. Which, apparently, is just one of those things I’ll have to live with. It also means I no longer have my top post counts, but hey, I can live with that. The important thing is, everything else arrived here safely, hopefully, along with you, Dear Reader!

Kicking back on the couch!

It’s a Bank Holiday Monday here, today. Believe it or not, it is, in fact, Queen Victoria’s birthday, which is still a holiday in Canada. Though here in Québec, they call it Patriot’s Day. Not that anyone cares what it’s called, another day off, is another day off, right? Unfortunately, it’s overcast, drizzling, and the shops are, generally, closed. So what do you do? We’ve been kicking back on the couch binge-watching ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU, in which an English couple have bought a 45 roomed chateau in the Loire valley, and are up to their eyeballs in debt trying to restore it. It’s fun watching Dick and Angel breathe new life back into this 150 year-old gorgeous building. And who wouldn’t want to buy this place, complete with it’s own moat! Anyway, normal service will resume tomorrow, with a book review. See you all then, au revior!