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Fabulous Free Fiction

Bonjour Everyone, I hope you all had a great week, and are looking forward to reading this weekend. Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post, to let you know that I’ve re-vamped the Wry Writer website, and I’m in the process of reposting a lot of free fiction—mostly short speculative fiction, but also some romance. “Finding love it isn’t always easy, especially when you are convinced you have a soulmate somewhere, waiting for you. As Kate Mackenzie finds out—having spent half her life going from one bad relationship to another—only to find her soulmate advertising for her in, of all places, her favourite newspaper.” — Soulmate I will also be ‘serializing’ a number of my novel-length works on the blog, adding new features, and creating a few more ‘downloadable’ ebooks and zines for your reading pleasure. So, if you’re in need of something short, quick, and, hopefully, entertaining to read this weekend, stop by and give the blog a visit and let me know what you think. All feedback greatly appreciated, as is your …

Fictional Friday #1

P R O P H E C Y THE ELECTRICAL STORM raged across the darkening sky, in complete contrast to what Arianrhod felt. Or, to be more exact, what she didn’t feel. She didn’t feel anything. In fact, she felt empty, devoid of any emotion. A fact which bothered her on many levels. Had she compartmentalized them all—as was her want in times of stress—or did she just not feel anything as many seemed to believe? It had been four weeks to the day since her mother—who they were now calling the great Don—had passed away. And, in that time, all hell had broken loose. In many ways it was fitting that a storm should rage tonight of all nights. The night she had to give her final answer to the Council. Would she, as her mother’s heir, give up the life she led and take up the reigns of power to become the next Mhor Rioghain? The next Great Queen? As Captain of the prestigious Star Cruiser, the Bright World, pride of the Prydain …

A Lady of Letters: Part 1

10 St James’s Sq, London November 26, 1852 Dear Mister Turing, You arrived in a fluster on my doorstep yesterday without so much as a gentlemen’s calling card nor, may I say, wearing anything approaching gentlemen’s attire. And an uncovered head in public, Mr. Turing? Tut-tut. But let us set aside how scruffily dressed you were. You then proceeded to badger and cajole my butler, Samson, physically and forcibly gain entrance to my home, and chaotically open and slam nigh on every room door on the premise instead of waiting, as Mr. Samson suggested you do, in the hallway. As any proper person might. But, as I have found out to your detriment, you are neither polite nor a gentleman, Mr. Turing. What you are, I have yet to determine. Forcible? Most certainly. Irascible? Without question, and quite possibly, incoherent to a point of madness. You most certainly are in need of either a calming tonic or a dose of Madam Pompadour’s French Gin. Either way, it is what I finally discerned after deciphering the …

A World of Make Believe

I hope you will join me over on the Wrywriter website to read some of my short and serialised free fiction. And find out about another side of me that maybe you don’t know about: I write. Yes, fiction, and, did I mention, it’s free to read. What’s more, if you love to read science fiction, then you might also like to read my space opera, SPACE FLEET, where the story is posted as a series of Personal Logs, Data Entries, and Story Episodes, from the POV of several characters. One of whom—Ada Novak—is penned by the delightful Vera, from Unfiltered Tales. Stop by and let us know what you think, and more, why not sign-up for free notifications of new content, and never miss an episode.

Space Fleet: Cyst Labs

When all is said and done, can one man make a difference, even when he’s a Corporate Bonded Slave? Albanini Castellito desperately hopes so. But can he save every one in just three days? Check out the new Story Episode, over on Space Fleet!