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Busy, Busy Bee, Building …

Well, I haven’t been building a hive or a  nest, but if you’ve wondered where I’ve been these last few days—aside from couch surfing after a nasty fall—I’ve been re-building the BOOK BLURB website. Yes, again.

I’ve decided after much deliberation to put all my book reviews and have all my book-related posts over there, from here on in. I just felt it worked better for me, as well as for anyone interested in reading my reviews (which can get lost here, amid other posts).

So, again, if you want to catch my latest reviews, and book gossip, you can sign up using the subscription form provided, and get an email when I post something new.

Looking forward to seeing some of you over there.

2 comments on “Busy, Busy Bee, Building …

  1. Avatar

    Oh Alexander, I hope you weren’t too badly injured by your fall. You’re certainly going through the mill at present!

    I will look out for your literary posts on Book Blurb.

    Please do take care of yourself. 🤗

    • Alex

      I tripped on a carpet, went sprawling, and bruised both knees while pulling a couple of muscles. Felt such an idiot. But other than that, I’m doing okay, thanks, Paula.

      And you too!

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