Broken Themes …

No, I’m not referring to something deep or existential but WordPress. The software upon which I run this blog, and every other blog I own. Yesterday, without thinking, and on auto pilot after posting, I went and updated to the newer version of WordPress and … when it finished, was immediately sorry

Sorry that I hadn’t done my usual routine: read the update log first. Check I had a back up of the blog. And, made sure I had backed up my posts. Stupid is as stupid does … the new update has done something to break my theme. My lovely simple theme now doesn’t want to play with this latest version of WordPress and, upon checking, I cannot see an update to the theme itself.

I’m bummed to say the least. What’s a dimwit to do? Sighs! Me, who should know better.

Ah, well, we are always reminded that without focus we can make bad choices. This one won’t kill me, or threaten anyone with extinction. But it is as irritating as hell. I don’t particularly want to change the look and feel of the Wry Writer. I like it how it is … but I think you have all seen the annoyance in the navbar under my logo/header image: the new MENU box that suddenly appeared.

I have searched all my plugins and the theme code itself to figure out how to remove the extra dropdown menu function, without success, obviously. And now, I seem to be stuck with it.

So, here goes nothing. Stand by for revamped blog number one thousand and something or other!


2 Comments Broken Themes …

  1. AlexAlex August 12, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Don’t update to WordPress 5.5, Sophie. It really is causing havoc with everyone’s themes. Some people lose their comments section, Like I have with this theme. Others are having extra menus appear all over the place. Some can’t even post, and yet others have lost all their images from posts! It’s crazy! 😳

  2. AvatarSophie August 12, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    Well Alex maybe it will be me…soon!

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