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Broken Themes: Update

Just to let you know, after I installed this new theme for the Wry Writer, it still did not work as hoped. As in, suddenly the comments were no longer visible to anyone. So please, do not worry, they are there and this problem will be rectified by the end of today (EST).

The theme creator has issued an update to their theme, UKU, after WordPress decided to break the internet yesterday with their latest update, 5.5. Anyone who uploaded this new update suddenly found their themes having a variety of problems, from errant menus to lost comments, and no images or posts loading.

Thankfully, Elmastudios are a top notch company and got onto this problem, fast. And issued a linked update for all their themes. Praise be the German companies.

Anyway, normal service will, as they say, resume shortly!

4 comments on “Broken Themes: Update

  1. Alex

    Well, I hope you at least out of all of us (1000s) are not having any problems, but so many are and, as everyone coming here can see, no comments are appearing. So until the patches start to get released, I think we’re all going to have to grin and bear it whether we like it or not. Thanks WordPress, you sure know how to annoy a lot of people, quickly!

  2. Avatar

    Dang Alexandra I just updated to WP 5.5 ! Crossing my fingers that everything will still run smoothly!

  3. Alex

    No, Tonya. I was using READ by Pixelwar. But if you go on any forum, you’ll see that the new update has caused havoc across the internet with a ton of themes. Lucky for me, I chose to install this new one I bought and, the company immediately created an update after yesterday’s fiasco.

  4. Avatar

    Were you using Astra, per chance? I think I read somewhere that it got suspended from the WordPress Repository for some kind of violation or smothering…

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