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I am extremely late posting anything today, but then I do have a good excuse. I was out earlier this morning, at the mall, at the only English bookshop in Québec City [La Maison Anglaise] buying … yes, you guessed it: books!

Two books that I had on order.

  • THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper
  • TEXAS SICARIO by Harry Hunsicker

Now I’m worried I just might throw my Fantasy February list out the window and start THE LOST MAN next. Arrggh, I so want to read it next.


    • Yes, Quebec, Sophie. And that’s more a no than a yes. I don’t profess to be linguistically adept, and I continue to struggle with the French language, which I mangle daily! 😀 They might deport for it one day!

    • I thoroughly enjoyed both The Dry and Force of Nature, Naomi. I like Harper’s writing style. She really tells a good story, and her characters have depth to them. So what’s not to like? 😀

  1. I see and hear a lot about Jane Harper lately.. I’m late to the party though as usual and haven’t read any of her books yet :-). It sounds great though, I hope you enjoy your reads!!

    • Thanks, Inge. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much as the other two. And yes, she’s getting a lot more press, and justly so. Her books stand testament to good writing!

  2. Fingers crossed the Lost Man is as good as the other two 🙂
    Fantasy Feb is nice and all, but also mood! Go with the mood! 🙂

    • Oh, I have high hopes, and, I’m sure it will be. And yes … I’ve abandoned the fantasy reads (after how much of a dud SCYTHE WAS) and I’m going back to reading for pleasure! 😉

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