Books as thick as door-jambs

I’m struggling. Struggling with my current read, which, at 530 pages, has become tedious.

I hate to say this as I’m so near the end, but I almost want to DNF this monster. I still have almost 200 pages yet to go and yet, I cannot summon up the interest. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the read, enjoyed the characters—for the most part. It’s just that this book is so dense and, more, told from four, yes, FOUR POVS. And it’s not only become difficult to keep up with all that’s happening to everyone, but, because there is so much going on and yet, nothing going on, I’m loosing the thread.

It’s a case of, where is she again? Oh, he’s doing what now? Why did we just get that gratuitous sex scene? Did I missing something? When, clearly, I did, because one minute they’re talking and then? Well, it was different. And so it goes. Everyone seems to be on a long, drawn out journey to, well, nowhere. At least, that’s how it feels because, just when I think this one or that one is going to get somewhere. They’re captured … again. And, we’re back on the road going, well, somewhere I’m sure. But we never really get ‘there’ within the story. Wherever ‘there’ is.

I’m sure it will all tie up, somehow, by the end of the book, though, even then, I’m not holding my breath as this is, after all, only book 2 in a lengthy trilogy. And while book 1, even lengthy as it was, I felt like I got to the end of the book satisfied by the 3 POVs we were following.

In this book, however, our 3 previous MCs have been joined by a fourth, and while it started out interested, seeing another side of the author’s world building and offering another insight to the power and politics. It’s dragged on. And on, and, sad to say, will go on for another 200 pages. And then? What’s the reward for all this reading?

Oh, look, book three. I’m not sure I can do it.

Maybe I’m not cut out for fantasy. Maybe I’m not cut out for lengthy stories covering three books, that run to 1500 plus pages!

I think it’s time to take the evening off from reading and watch a rom-com, what do you think, good idea?

Yeah. That’s what I thought so too!