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Dear All,

It occurs to me to put this question out there to you all, as I feel some of you would be interested.

I regularly get any number of review requests each month that I cannot, for whatever reason—not my genre, or I’m swamped—say yes to reviewing. And that in turning down these authors, an opportunity is going amiss for others to do the review in my stead.

Would YOU like to take on the challenge?

I’m looking to compile a list of names, email, websites, and what genres reviewers are interested in.

This list would then be made available to the authors who contact me, looking for a suitable reviewer for their work.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, the list will not be published, anywhere, at anytime. You will only be contacted if the author thinks you would be a good fit for their work.

Email me if you want your name on this list, at: alexwolfe [at] gmail DOT com

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  1. January 17, 2019

    It’s a generous and brilliant idea Alexandra. I can’t sign now as I am too busy in the coming months and I am trying to tone it down on the ARCs to lessen the pressure but I always feel bad when I turn down an author. I know how hard it is to get reviews and exposure.

    • January 17, 2019

      I know a few people already do lists elsewhere, Sophie. But I wanted this list to be within our blogging circle, because I know the quality of reviews to be excellent. And I know already how much you do for publishers and authors with your reviews and tours, you’re a star, and I wouldn’t miss stopping by to get a recommendation from you.

      Anyway, the offer is there if you want your name on the list at some point, just let me know.

  2. January 17, 2019

    It’s such a wonderful and generous idea and I can help spreading it via mentioning it in my next post and directing interested peeps your way.

    I wish I could say yes but given how many course related books, as well as all those other books I have promised to review, I have lined up, there is no room for me to say yes to more reviews anytime soon. However that maychange in the second part of the year and if it does, I’ll be in touch for sure. Thanks for thinking of us!

    • January 17, 2019

      Oh, thanks, Vera, that would be a great idea. Shout out, and let your readers know.

      Yeah, like you, I’m now committed to doing a lot more writing, so reviewing will take a bit of a back seat. Although I’m reading more this year, than I have done in a while. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to set aside time through out my day for various projects. And just let me know if you want your name on the list. 😀

  3. January 17, 2019

    Cool idea!
    Not for me personally, I simply don’t have the time, but it happened in the past that another blogger introduced me to a publisher when I was interested in the book, but they haven’t asked me directly.

    If later on i’d be up for it, i’d defo let you know 🙂

    • January 17, 2019

      Thanks, Norrie. The whole point of the list is to connect reviewers with authors and publishers. That way, hopefully, no one misses out. And if you’re interested later, sure, let me know. 😀

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