Book Exchange

The goal of the Book Exchange is two-fold: to create space on my bookshelves for new books, and send out books to new homes. So, if you are interested, here’s how this works. I have books. I am willing to send you a requested book for the cost of postage and packaging. That’s it.

Each book will be sent out within a couple of days after receipt of payment through PayPal. Each book is sent in a Post Canada padded envelope, reinforced if necessary to prevent damage en-route.

Most, if not all, the books in this program are in excellent condition. I lovingly look after every book I buy, and whether or not I intend keeping them, make sure they are undamaged to begin with. That said, I cannot be held responsible if a book is subsequently damaged in transit.

All the books listed are Trade Paperbacks [unless otherwise stated—some may be hardback] and, as such, are heavier than a mass market paperback. Please take that into consideration when asking.

The price for any given book will reflect its destination, i.e., if you live in New Zealand, expect to pay more than someone living in the US. Also, some destinations might incur Customs fees on receipt, a factor outside my control.

For more information, please contact me at: alexwolfe AT gmail DOT com

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

  • THE CALCULATING STARS by Mary Robinette Knowal (Science Fiction)
  • THE HUMANS by Matt Haig (Science Fiction)
  • SCYTHE by Neal Shusterman (Science Fiction)
  • MARCH OF WAR by Bennet R. Coles (Science Fiction)
  • EMPIRE OF SAND by Tasha Suri (Fantasy)
  • THE BLOOD PRINT by Ausma Zehanat Khan (Fantasy) Book 1
  • THE BLACK KHAN by Ausma Zehanat Khan (Fantasy) Book 2
  • THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden (Fantasy)
  • THE LEGION OF PROPHECY by Mark A. Latham (Fantasy)

Mystery, Crime & Suspense:

  • THE DARK LAKE by Sarah Bailey (Crime Fiction)
  • CRY OF THE INNOCENTS by Cavan Scott (Sherlock Holmes / Crime)
  • A LIFE TO KILL by Matthew Hall (Crime Fiction)
  • STAR OF THE NORTH by D.B. John (Thriller)
  • THE CHALK PIT by Elly Griffiths (Mystery)
  • PROVING GROUND by Peter Blauner (Crime Fiction)
  • FORMULA OF DECEPTION by Carrie Stuart Parks (Crime Fiction)
  • FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW by Giles Blunt (Crime Fiction)
  • THE DEVIL’S COUNTRY by Harry Hunsicker (Crime Fiction)
  • TEXAS SICARIO by Harry Hunsicker (Crime Fiction)
  • THE CUBAN AFFAIR by Nelson DeMille (Thriller)
  • SWORN TO SILENCE by Linda Castello (Crime Fiction)
  • MY SISTER’S GRAVE by Robert Dugoni (Crime Fiction)
  • BLACK FALL by Andrew Mayne (Crime Fiction)
  • THE WHISPERER by Donato Carrisi (Mystery)
  • THE SILENT GIRLS by Eric Rickstad (Crime Fiction)
  • HER EVERY FEAR by Peter Swanson (Thriller)
  • ORDINARY PEOPLE by Peter May (Crime Fiction)
  • BLACKLIGHT BLUE by Peter May (Crime Fiction)
  • SILENT SCREAM by Angela Marsons (Crime Fiction)
  • NOVEMBER ROAD by Lou Berney (Crime Fiction)
  • THE INFORMATIONIST by Taylor Stevens (Thriller)
  • THE CHILL OF NIGHT by James Hayman (Mystery)
  • THE CUTAWAY by Christina Kovac (Crime Fiction)
  • THE GOOD DAUGHTER by Alexandra Burt (Suspense)
  • FINDING NOUF by Zoe Ferraris (Mystery)
  • LOCKDOWN by Laurie R. King (Mystery)
  • PRIME SUSPECT by Lynda La Plante (Crime Fiction)
  • THE DOLL HOUSE by David Hewson (Crime Fiction)
  • RED MOTH by Sam Eastland (Thriller)
  • THE BOTTOMS by Joe R. Lansdale (Crime Fiction)
  • ACQUA ALTA by Donna Leon (Mystery)
  • GAME by Anders de la Motte (Crime Fiction)
  • FLASH AND BONES by Kathy Reichs (Mystery)
  • AVAILABLE DARK by Elizabeth Hand (Crime Fiction)
  • THE GOOD SUICIDES by Antonio Hill (Mystery)
  • THE RED POLE OF MACAU by Ian Hamilton (Mystery)


  • THE SCENT OF DEATH by Andrew Taylor (Historical / Mystery)
  • MR. CHURCHILL’S SECRETARY by Susan Elia MacNeal (WWII / Mystery)
  • SAWBONES by Melissa Lenhardt (Historical / Western)