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Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to make a large mountain of books in the middle of the floor of my apartment, and set them alight!

Yes, I know, I’m either crazy or … I’m having another bad month time when it comes to choosing books—both at the bookshop and to read—in general. I have this knack at the moment of choosing three books, two of which will turn out to be duds or, just plain GAH!

I read and finished FORCE OF NATURE in record time, within I think two sittings? And throughly enjoyed my trip out into the Aussie outback with Harper’s socially inept characters. But then? The next two books I’ve started are, well, just mind numbingly boring.

Yes, that includes what started out as an intriguing read, LOCKDOWN, by Laurie R. King. Who is normally so reliable when it comes to excellent storytelling with plenty of twists and turns. And yes, for the first 95 pages, I was there … and then, just as quickly, I wasn’t when, for some obscure reason, King has us going 30 years to the past in a flashback to Papua New Guinea. While mildly interesting prose, the whole angle and where it leads, just pulled me right out of the initial story. Not once, but a number of times King has us picking up one of three threads that, well, quite frankly, seem to have little if any bearing on the main plot.

It got annoying so much so, I started FORMULA OF DECEPTION, a good old fashioned kind of whodunit set in Alaska. Out in the boonies, where bodies are likely to turn up stiff in a spring thaw and have everyone guessing what happened. Except … except the writing on this one has failed to spark. So, despite all the right ingredients being present, I’m already bored.

It doesn’t help that in the 3-4 page prologue there’s a glaring error. An unnamed guy (destined for a grisly death) is wearing a flannel shirt, that at one point he covers with a coat, yet, not two paragraphs later he’s trying to pin a medal on his “khaki” shirt. I should have given up then.

So, back to the TBR pile … and I’m going for broke … I hear GLASS HOUSES by Louise Penny, calling my name!

Wish me luck … or something!

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  1. September 24, 2018

    Haha, good luck!
    I read quite a meh book over the weekend. Kept thinking there must be a plot twist coming or something… it did not.

    • Alexandra
      September 24, 2018

      Thanks, Sweetie. I need it. Oh, and you too? Drag! It’s really frustrating.

      The Cuban Affair was just like that. ALL the action happened in the last ten pages. I mean, what kind of author does that to their readers? Won’t be buying him again!

  2. September 24, 2018

    I hate when an author leaves such an obvious mistake! That’s what I call inconsistency and that’s the beta reader’s job to catch them…

    • Alexandra
      September 24, 2018

      I had to go back and check it wasn’t me having a senior moment, Sophie. Nope, a proofreader, editor and typesetter all missed it, never mind the author. Such is life. But then, I’ve never heard of the publisher before either. So maybe they’re working on a shoestring and employ monkeys working for nuts! 😀

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