Update Day #36

I am well passed my first month of staying home (though, not quite self isolation as I have my partner here) and in that time everything across the planet has change, and continues to evolve and yet, as they say, nothing has change. On the small scale of things, the daily routine here, at Chez… Continue reading

Update Day #34

It’s the middle of April today, and I want to talk about something other than the pandemic, or politics, or the frightening things happening in the world. Which means, of course, let’s talk about the weather. And why not indeed, after yesterday’s rant, I think we could all do with a break and a chance… Continue reading

Update Day #33

I’m struggling again, today. It’s another day that I feel like the weather outside. Windswept and tossed about by the whims of Nature, who has other designs for us right now. And the strangest thoughts keep popping into my head amid the flow or is that, onslaught, of emotions. Disgust, sadness, anger. Especially the anger…. Continue reading

Update Day #32

“Oh, how things they are a changing …” sung in a whiney Bob Dylan folksy style. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year, even, that scoring a slot on the supermarket delivery schedule would become such a BIG deal. And that we would celebrate with a glass of champagne, a marching band,… Continue reading