Consulting the stars

Sometime I think that everything I ever learnt about ‘how’ to write, I learnt from reading Ursula K. Le Guin novels [with humble apologies to my favourite English teacher of way back when, Mrs. Titherington]. Even now, I still find myself reaching for one or other of Le Guin’s works, not just for that spark of inspiration, but to remind myself on the ‘how’. How did she write this scene, capture that character, make it all work?

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My Sister … and other phenomena

My sister breaks things.

It’s a fact, a family fact.

She doesn’t just break ordinary things like you or I might do; dishes, glassware, bones in our body, no. My sister breaks things like, the internet.

What? Oh, okay, so maybe it wasn’t her, per se, who caused Google to have a nervous breakdown the other day, going off line for 5-10 minutes, thereby causing everyone one on the planet to collectively hold their breathes. But we, that is, our family, on hearing of the Google outage immediately thought: Anne! Yes, we actually texted and or messaged one other asking, did she do it, did she break Google?

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Hacked Off!


The Wry Writer befell an invasion of Alien Space Monkeys possibly looking for the Mayhem Monkey himself, Ack-Ack Macaque, and unable to locate him, decided to wreck havoc on the website in revenge. The result of their throwing several space wrenches into the machinery was the total annihilation of my wordpress files and database.

No, sadly for me, I wasn’t savvy enough to have done a recent back-up and, thinking this an opportunity, have decided to go Tabula Rasa. The wax slate wiped clean, I’m starting afresh, from scratch.

But first, tea … earl grey … hot!