Suggested Reading

If you are anything like me, always on the look-out for not just a good read, but a great read, then may I humbly suggest you look no further than Brit author, Gareth L. Powell. Ack-Ack Macaque, is the first book in an action-adventure driven trilogy that’s also part alt-history, liberally mixed with SF, hints… Continue reading

A Linked World

The Week {so far} in ‘Links’ Here are some fun, fab, and frivolous websites I’ve stumbled across this last couple of week, for your edification and enjoyment: ATLAS OF TRUE NAMES : I think the name says it all. A series of reproduced atlases showing origins and original place names that are fascinating and intriguing…. Continue reading

My To-Read Books

I’m happily in receipt of three new books to add to my ever growing ‘to-read’ pile. Swelling said pile are {in no particular order}: The Martian by Andy Weir Publisher: Crown ISBN: 978-0804139021 “Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the… Continue reading

Yoo-hoo, Gentoo?

GENTOO, GENTIO, GENTILE I am {to my eternal annoyance} one of those people that, no matter what it is she is doing, can stop dead in her tracks {walking, thinking, writing and yes, on occasion, mid-pee} in order to quite suddenly have to look something up in a book, encyclopaedia, or online … a habit… Continue reading

Librarian Wanted

Archiving and gathering snippets and links off the internet and from elsewhere How do you gather and store this kind of information? I ask because I’m inundated with internet links to here, there, and everywhere, and ripped out items from periodicals, journals, newspapers and the like, so much so, I have amassed enough to start… Continue reading

Book Giveaway

Do you like free books? Do you like giveaways to win free books? Do you love to read adventure stories set in the old west with gunslingers who have to brave the road to Hell and back, accompanied by seedy characters with dubious motives, all the while battling the crazed denizens of Hell? Then sign-up… Continue reading