Author: Alexandra

Spring Weekend Walkabout

The one thing you can guarantee the minute the sun comes out up here in the Frozen North, is everyone, and I mean everyone and their dog, will be out promenading. And so it was with me, this weekend, camera in hand. I did one of my favourite walks down along the Rue St-Jean, through the St-Jean Gate and Place D’Youville, along the lower end of the rue St-Jean, and into the Old Quarter walking toward the Petite Champlain. It’s an enjoyable 2 hour walk passed historic churches, bakeries and coffee houses, cafes and museums, toward the historic Old Quarter, to Notre-Dame de Québec cathedral, to Terrasse Dufferin and the promenade with amazing views over the river, Chateau Frontenac, and lower town. 

Bluebell carpet

Spring Flowers

It’s that time again, the day the park opens. Or, to be exact, the day the University Laval gardens open. Much like a miniature Botanic Gardens, the Laval gardens have a wonderful array of trees, shrubs, flowers and plant life. [Check out the Map.] Sad to say though, at this time of year, the snow has only just receded and flowers are sparse on the grounds. And while many towns and cities well to the south of us are enjoying their Spring Flowers, and Cherry Blossoms, here in Québec City we are only just seeing the crocuses, bluebells and primulas pop their pretty heads above ground. 



“For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us… Edgy. Unfulfilled. Even after 400 hundred generations in villages and cities, we haven’t forgotten. The open road still softly calls like a nearly forgotten song of childhood.” — Carl Sagan


Updating Your Apples

So today sees yet another new ios update to Apple iPhones and the like. And, given what some have said about the trouble they’ve had in the past, and people moaning about how loooong it takes, I have to say, my update went very smoothly. Before updating, however, I always follow these simple steps, and maybe, so should you: Back up your device to your computer. Back up your device to the cloud as well, if you have an account. Make sure any new purchases you have are transferred. Download but DO NOT install the new update. Read the TOS first, or at the very least what fixes/bugs updates there are. It’ll only take you a minute to read those. Finally … start the update of your device. The data back up took me 10-12 minutes, while downloading of the software update took almost 20. But hey, I walked down the corridor, put the kettle on, and made a brew. Earl Grey. Hot. And voila! The update was ready. Then, and only then, did I …


Putin Coup

So, while the media in Europe is reporting, however tentatively, that they think there’s been a coup in Russia, the media here in North America is talking about the weather, or Robert Downey Jr. Helping a young boy with a bionic arm, or baby abductions. No mention of poutine … I mean, Putin! As in, ‘Where’s Putin?‘ And, really, do we care? Of course, Bill 51 here in Canada might seem more important at the moment, but really. Putin ousted and possibly dead has yet to make the news here? Well, okay, so maybe the rumours are just that, rumours. Without any substantiated fact, and the truth of his not being seen in public for the last nine days (and who’s counting anyway?) could be attributed to anything … Flu … He’s still drunk from a bender … Or better still, my personal hypothesis, he’s undergone surgery to change his appearance so he can abandon a sinking economy in Russia and flee to some secluded island to squander his ill-gotten 20 billion dollar fortune on …