Author: Alexandra

Facebook New Notes

To Note or not to Note

That is the Facebook question. Will Facebook’s new revamped Notes be a blogging boon on Facebook, or just a passing curiosity for a chosen few? What, you didn’t know Facebook had Notes? Well, yes, they did and still do, but it isn’t used as much as I think Facebook would have hoped, and that’s more to do with the way their algorithm ‘pushes’ Notes and Status Updates, which are 5-times more likely to be seen by your followers and friends than any Notes you write. But, we are reliably told, not only has Facebook hired the development team that worked on Medium (yes, they hope Notes will look and work like Medium) they reassure the media that Notes will act and perform better than the previous incarnation. I’ve used Notes in the past but, quite frankly, they were very rarely read and or commented on, much like most blog posts. I wonder if the new revamp Notes will be any different despite getting the make over, as it will all depend on audience. Will your …

News Publisher

Becoming a News Publisher

Yes, I did it! I just signed up for Apple’s new News Publisher, which will be available with the new software iOS9 update later this year. Doing it now means I am set and ready to go. Especially when they provide the interface and tools to create, what I hope and, I am sure many others hope too, is a new kind of content that will rival apps like Flipboard and Zite. Or, as some are already predicting, kill-off these other news apps. What’s exciting for me about this is the prospect of creating tailored content, for a world-wide audience. Apple is promising a more dynamic platform to build interactive content with control over how it looks and feels, in a way magazines did with print and paper, back in their day. An announcement from Apple: “We’re working on bringing you a brand new format you can use to create signature content for News. With Apple News Format, you’ll be able to create beautifully crafted layouts with custom typography, rich photo galleries, videos, and animations. …

The Tattoed Bride

Going Ga-Ga for Hobohemia

“Indiana, the 1930s. Welcome to Soggiorno Bros’ Travelling Wonder Show, and a very different Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.” I’m delighted to see that Abaddon Books has released A Scandal in Hobohemia, by the very talented Jamie Wyman, for download on the Kindle, along with The Case of the Tattooed Bride. Which is a novella-length story featuring the brilliant carnival manager and crime-fighting Sandford ‘Crash’ Haus and his friend, Jim ‘Dandy’ Walker. I’m really looking forward to reading the new novella by Wyman. Check out my review for the Holmesian anthology, Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, which featured A Scandal in Hobohemia. You can also buy the new combo at: Kindle US | Kindle UK


Google Drives me Nuts

I’m using Google Drive. I have been using Google Drive since it came out. And … I hate it. I like it. I loathe it. Why? Because of the experience I have with the Drive on my iMac. It’s more insidious and annoying than Dropbox when it comes to misplacing, not quite synching, or losing files altogether.

WordPress Page Builders Compared

I’ve been looking at the new crop of page builders that come either as a plugin or, as a theme with built-in components. Here are a few I looked at, tried out (where demos were available) or tried in my own WP site to see how they faired and functioned. Please bare in mind, this is just a selection of a number that are cropping up and not a definitive list.