Author: Alexandra


Our Neighbours

Birds … Sparrows, to be exact. The gather here, on this old bird house that sits right in the middle of the privacy hedge between properties. I haven’t seen any actually go inside the small house, but they do like to use this as a rally point.

Tree Project - image 31

Tree Project – Day 31

Well, after the last few days of cold wet weather, today dawn bright, cold and with clear blue skies. It’s chilly and brisk out on the balcony, but hey, the azure blue skies more than make up for that. And the trees don’t look any the worse for wear after the rain. In fact, they are all starting to lose leaves and seeds.

Tree Project - image 30

Tree Project – Day 30

Cold, blustery, dark and overcast with rain in the forcast. I think Autumn wants us to know she’s here and not going anywhere soon. Meanwhile, my tree is definitely showing his Fall colours up top, while he still looks lush and green below. The tree to his right has yet to shed all those seed pods, I’m waiting for that day with glee, to go out and play!