My Chai

 AN OPEN LETTER TO TWININGS TEAS Dear Twinings, What oh what have you done to my favourite tea? I bought a new box of Chai tea and, yesterday, looking forward to my usual brew of the morning, found two things that have left me scratching my head. That the individual packets are so tightly and… Continue reading

The Sandwich Run …

These are some of the places I walk past on the route I take up my street to head toward my favourite sandwich shop. Which is about a 10-15 minute walk past the historic Battlefield Park, to a road named after me {Ave. Wolfe} that leads to the Québec City Museum of Beaux Arts, and… Continue reading

Lorna Suzuki Dreams BIG

A FANTASY COME TRUE I am delighted to announce that one of our very own, Vancouver-based fantasy author, Lorna Suzuki, will be arriving on the Big Screen 2015. Well, not her personally you understand, but characters from the Imago Chronicles series of books. The marvellous half-elven character of Nayla Treeborn, the hero of the series,… Continue reading


The paint peels, the veneer cracks and—just beneath the surface of appearances—horrors crawl.

Wry Wit

This being a collection of things we wish really existed, and their meanings: BETELGEUSE – Instant space drink made from insects. FINAL SOLUTION – The universal solvent. VALIUM OF THE DOLLS – Robot tranquilizers. MASTER BAITER – The ultimate in handheld fishing gear. WHEREWOLF – Computer dating service for lycanthrophiles. CY BORG – The bionic… Continue reading

Edge of Darkness

A GAME OF DEADLY SECRETS Edge of Darkness, one of the best drama series ever written. I mean, ever. Was conceived and written by one of my all time fav writers, Troy Kennedy Martin. The series was initially rejected but then finally commissioned and produced by the BBC back in 1985 and, subsequently, received six… Continue reading

New Releases

Science Fiction Astounds! UK-based publishers, Solaris Books, has taken up the gauntlet {eh, was it ever, in fact thrown?} and is now publishing the excellent ‘Best Of Science Fiction and Fantasy’ starting with the latest in the series, vol. 8. Which, as it so happens, is edited by award winning editor, Jonathan Strahan. Featuring stories from… Continue reading