Star Parodies

It seems THR did a great spoof image of Battlestar Galactica stars, Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff, dressed as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo for the cover of their latest issue, but not content also did other spoofs. They also have ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ star, Zoe Saldana dressed-up as Ripley, from a classic scene in… Continue reading

New Releases

ABADDON BOOKS GOES ANTHOLOGY Call me excited. Call me anything you want. Just don’t call me this evening while I’m reading Two Hundred and Twenty-One Bakers Street, or I swear, I’ll ‘Holmes’ you! I started reading last night and, unlike my usual want to skip from this story to that one—at random—I jumped right in and… Continue reading

The Answer

I have the answer. I will keep it for myself. I have the answer, and will not share. I have the answer, how sad that no one cares.

Apocalyptic Futures

Popular Science is covering the Top Five Biggest Threats to Human Existence which, in and of it self is interesting. But, in their rather lengthy article, they failed to mention {anywhere} the two innate qualities of human kind that are the ‘trigger’ factors, both of which will probably bring about the sudden, swift and, quite… Continue reading


And no, I’m not talking the labelling of British motorways, but spiral galaxies … Ah, a candy-coloured thing of beauty … M51 is a spiral galaxy, about 30 million light years away, that is in the process of merging with a smaller galaxy seen to its upper left. [Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: Detlef Hartmann;… Continue reading

Kakapo Nation

I’m living with a Kakapo … it’s a fact. And while it’s true it is, for the most part, a quiet and unassuming person during the day, and prone to freezing when startled. I have come to dread it turning up in my bed every night, to sleep next to me. It slips in beside… Continue reading

Illustris Project

The glory and beauty of the vastness and infinity of space and all the wonders it contains, the Illustris Project is a large cosmological simulation of galaxy formation, completed in late 2013, using a state of the art numerical code and a comprehensive physical model. Non-scientists and astrophysicists alike are invited to delve into the cosmos on a grand… Continue reading

Marvel : Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As followers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already know, tomorrow sees the final episode of the season play out and, after last weeks corker, I for one cannot wait to see the Coulson’s crew bring the ‘house’ down, let alone Sky getting the upper hand on Ward. Best quote of last week’s episode? “Skye, Trip—get ready for a… Continue reading