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Apocalyptic Problems: Day #28


The utilities area is deep in an inch of water.

I have towels down soaking it up. And I’ve flipped the safety breakers on the electrics in that area; namely, the washing machine and tumble drier. Dad, you taught me well.

The plumbing guy of our maintenance staff has just been to assess the situation, and checked the intake and outflow pipes to the tub. It’s the outflow pipe that’s blocked. But the guy is in the middle of another emergency elsewhere, so he’s gone back to finish that, and to collect the right tools to deal with our problem.

Meantime, we’ve mopped up as much of the water as possible. Don’t want it tramped everywhere, nor do I want anyone electrocuted at this stage of the pandemic. That would be a weird irony, now wouldn’t it?

Talking precautions and caution. The guy arrived with full on certified face mask (good for plagues and asbestos) and 3 layers of gloves on. Policy he told us. Which was very reassuring, let me tell you. As NO ONE has crossed our door step since about February 20th. Still, partner, ever the neurotic, beat me to sanitising everything the maintenance guy touched as, well, you never know. And both of us want peace of mind.

We squeezed him, figuratively speaking, to get any news of what’s happening within our six-building complex. Like are there infections, lockdown cases in our building, or, in fact, any building. He said he didn’t know. But that the staff have to take all precautions as if every apartment they visit might contain someone with the corona virus. Which, you have to say, is very sensible.

Upshot, in the short five minutes he was here, we couldn’t get any useful information out of him. At least, not for the moment. And, I guess, we shouldn’t expect him to tattle anyway.

Well, this isn’t how we expected our day to go. And my partner was only too happy I disturbed them AFTER they had had their priority online meeting with the BIG Boss of the Regie.

Anyway, how is your day going?

Be safe out there and take care, people.


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Exactly! I have a tub full of whites only partially through the cycle, and towels in the tumble drier. It was like, get the damn electrics off NOW! Luckily, the complex we live in has maintenance staff, who even though we’re in lockdown, came and fixed the problem. I was soooo relived, let me tell you, Sophie!

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