And So, It Begins …

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SPACE FLEET Is Seeking New Recruits!

Space Fleet is now “live” and open for business, seeking new recruits to join us on our unfolding adventure out beyond Earth’s gravity well, into near-earth orbit, and beyond. Out into our local neighbourhood—from inner Sol Patrol around Mercury and Venus, to the Daedalus Space Station, the Lunar Moon Base, and all the way to Mars, and the fledgling ‘Bubble’ city.

While the website is “live” it’s also still under construction, we’re looking for people to read, comment, and support Space Fleet by tweeting about us to your followers!

We’re also offering writers a chance to crew with us, and share their own unique experience with a new readership—if your inner geek wants to get out there, and join in, stop by the website, and choose your berth now: SIGN UP TODAY!

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Alex loves to rearrange the English language into clever sentences. Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not.


    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Sophie. I hope you’ll stop by to have a read.

  1. Loving the website! I browsed a little bit and will do more reading on different fleets etc over the next couple of days.

    It does sound like a lot of fun! I’ll be definitely spreading the word around this project. Still figuring out time commitment writing wise but I am tempted.

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Vera. A lot of thanks has to go to my friend, Martyn, for his great artwork, otherwise it might not look as fab as it does right now. He’s really done an amazing job!

      What I’m planning on doing is seeding little snippets about the over-all story, throughout the website. So, a memo about this or that event or person, or a work order that leads to something else. A trail of breadcrumbs that, if people follow, hopefully make a connection with the main story, which I’ll be posting in pieces.

      I’m still figuring out the logistics and schedule myself.

      Again, if you want to join in, fab, and if you want to talk more about what to write, email me. If nothing else, we can chat about ideas and characters, and writing prompts.

      • I’ll send you an email, I am definite intrigued as it sounds both creative as well as a lot fun.

        I’ll be spreading the word out as much as I can as well.

        • Alexandra says

          Wonderful, I look forward to hearing from you, Sweetie. And yes, it would be great fun to have you join in.

          Oh, which reminds me, I need to create a twitter account for this too. 😀

          • He he, so many things to do eh? I’ll be in touch later on today.

          • Oh, yeah and then some. I know social media is the thing, but wonder if it’s worth it or not. 😀

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