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And so, it begins: Day #47

Our provincial government, either under pressure from what I think may be a small but very vocal minority, have decided to start the roll-out now, and ease restrictions. They are letting kids—who most still believe to be less likely to get the corona virus or at the very least, only a mild case—and as of May 11, schools in certain area will open but, get this, on a voluntary basis. First kindergartens and junior schools, and then, later, seniors on up.

It’s not only mind boggling that they are going against sensible reasoning, this early, and sending the kids back to school as test guinea pigs, but on a voluntary basis? What the hell does that mean? Talk about confusing the hell out of everyone.

At yesterday’s government briefing the Premier said parents at the schools indicated could choose to send their kids back, full time, or not. There was little if any clarification of what he meant till everyone took to social media and called in the media, asking what the hell was going on. And then, the clarification was vague at best.

Parents could choose to keep children at home if someone in the household was immunocompromised, or elderly. And what? What about schools, now scrambling to find enough teachers willing to go back, who also might have children themselves, and or people at home who are in the at risk category?

And this, dear reader, is how NOT to ease restrictions. We’re are now going to have a couple of frantic weeks here, in the province, as people race to comply with the Premier’s wishes. And if wishes were horses, as my gran use to say, we’d all be trampled to death in the stampede. She certainly loved a good colourful metaphor.

So what does this all mean for so many? Beyond the immediate confusion, many are saying it’s too early (posts I’ve read online) and say they will refuse point blank to send their kids. But, if this is the start of the government getting everyone back to work, what happens when those parents need to return to work?

And masks? What about kids wearing mask? Are you kidding me? That’s like herding feral cats with the promise of sugared treats.

How do you physically distance kids in a classroom, and how many teachers are going to have to single-handedly juggle all this, and teach, while making sure little Louisa and Jean Luc have clean hands every 5 minutes, never mind, keep them apart at break times.

And we thought the health services were heroes!

Words fail me at the thought of how this is all going to work. And yes, I know what the alternative is. If we carry on staying at home for too long, what then? When the money runs out, and businesses are unable to get back up and running because of the downtime, and no one is buying from you, as a supplier of your doohickey.

I don’t know how much public consultation has gone on with community leaders and unions, behind the scenes prior to yesterday’s announcement. But reaction was certainly swift and condemnation loud.

The road ahead is one full of blind turns, cavernous potholes, and unexpected landmines that could quite easily do as much harm, as good, if this isn’t all thought our carefully, and in full consultation with the public at large.

And where you are, have restrictions begun to ease, and how are people reacting?

Whatever is happening in your part of the world, stay safe out there, everyone, and take care.


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