All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Day #24

Today is like no other day has been since the start of the lockdown period, so far. In that, there is nothing, and I mean, nothing open. Well, let me clarify that statement with, no shops or businesses are open. No grocers, no supermarkets, nothing.

The Premier gave leave for everything other than essential services (police, ambulance, hospitals obviously) to close on Sundays for, well, the foreseeable future, in order to give staff at supermarkets, petrol stations, and pharmacies alike, the chance to have a day off and stay home. It’s not like they haven’t earned the chance to rest, given they have probably all been working nonstop for at least 3-4 weeks now.

But, in practise. It’s weird. The silence outside is almost monumental. I mean, you can truly hear nature for possibly the first time in decades! No one is out on the roads driving anywhere, there’s nowhere to go. No one is allowed out even to the park, unless it’s locally (within a half mile/mile radius).

This, THIS was how things were way back when I was a kid in the late 50s early 60s, for me. Sundays were a day off, where people only went out for walks or, to go to church for traditional worship. But now? Even that is no longer happening. No gatherings of more than 5 people and then, everyone has to stay 6 feet apart.

So no church bells tolling at the cardinal times throughout the day here, in what is still a Catholic province.

We’re left to listen to the sparrows chirruping happily in the hedge, or crows gathering in gangs cawing loudly to one another. All probably asking one another where are those weird two-legged creatures that leave out so much garbage for us to rummage through? And, where’s our next free meal coming from?

Instead, like the squirrels, they’re having to return to foraging for themselves to find a meal.

Much like us today. We’re come to the end of many of our supplies. We bought in for what we would hope would be grocery for two weeks, in the prospect of ordering more, online. But to get those groceries delivered meant, we had to do the lottery on slots, and our order may, or may not, arrive sometime Monday.

ANYTIME Monday. Including the middle of the night they warned.

As a consequence of having a 5-day delay in deliver, from when we ordered, we’ve run out of eggs, milk, bread, and all fresh veggies. We do have some in the freezer, and some apples left in a our fruit supply. Beyond that? We’re okay for tins/packages, and meats.

We know now too, that our order isn’t going to last as long as we thought it might, either, given how this last lot of supplies stretched. It’s disconcerting, and I blame myself, mainly, because I forgot I have a second person at home all day, and that person eats a lot more than I do at lunchtime alone.

I need to plan better. Ah, well, food for thought.

And you? How are you coping in your part of the world?

Remember, stay safe out there and keep your distance, everyone.


2 Comments All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Day #24

  1. Avatarbooksdogsandcats April 5, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    But supermarkets or other food stores are open(barring Sunday) right? So you can get certain necessary supplies, perhaps not always your favourite brand,but still…

    1. AlexAlex April 5, 2020 at 4:20 pm

      Oh, yes, they are open six days a week, like pharmacies and petrol stations, and what are classed as other essential places. Just closed now on Sundays.

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