A Way Back To The Future

Last week I did a Top Ten TV Shows that I loved post, and realised that most of the shows I had listed were cop dramas and or comedy shows. I completely forgot to share some of my fav SF shows. So, to rectify that, I thought to share a handful more shows that I watch(ed) and love.

Such as:

  • KILLJOYS — This is another Canadian-made show, that is into it’s fourth season and is just brilliant. The acting, the cast and crew, and the writing, are all outstanding. Fun, irreverent, serious, and downright addictive viewing. Check out Dutch and her crew as the try to stop interplanetary war, alien invasion and the bad guys in their own ranks!
  • THE EXPANSE — Who out there hasn’t seen at least one episode? Come on people, this is simple the BEST SF TV show out there. The scripts, the cast and crew, and the cinematic treatment of each and every episode make this one a cut above the rest. Bobby, Avasarala, and Naomi Nagata, I mean, what more could you ask for that three kick-ass female leads?
  • DARK MATTER — Damn but I really liked this show but, as usual, just as we’re getting going the Syfy channel goes and cancels it. Like Killjoys, this was Canadian made and lots of twisted fun in some far-flung corner of space. Check out the three seasons on DVD.
  • TWELVE MONKEYS — Oh boy, yet another roller coaster ride. This series followed on in the footsteps of the much loved (or hated) movie, and ran with it. Time jumping James Cole leaps back and forth trying to change the future and save humanity, aided by Dr. Cassie Railly. Darkly weird but, nonetheless, compulsive viewing. Just wrapped up its final season.
  • THE MAGICIANS — This fantasy epic is set in the world like Narnia, only unlike any Narnia you could ever dream up, is from the novel by Lev Grossman. Join Quintin Coldwater and his friends as they learn magic and battle moth-faced monsters. I kid you not, you need to have a cushion near at hand watching season one!
  • COLONY — Another promising show that started out well and then? Got cancelled. Frustrating as hell because this one wasn’t out there in space, but here on Planet Earth, and dealt with the human cost, and fall out of alien invasion.
  • ORPHAN BLACK — Who can forget this series? If you didn’t watch it, then you were missing out on one of the best shows ever written. Tatania Maslany was brilliant as Sarah and a whole host of clones. Five seasons that were wickedly good and will be considered a standard, and a classic in years to come.
  • DEFIANCE — Another show that focused in on the cost and fall out of alien invasion, that lasted till season three then, got cancelled. Was weirdly good.
  • TIMELESS — More time-hoping mindless fun, as a group of government agents having built a time machine, start to go back and forth to different points in time, trying to stop bad guys altering history and, therefore, the present day. And guess what? It got cancelled!
  • THE CROSSING — The Crossing came in strong, but again, like so many American shows, after one season got cancelled. Which is frustrating as hell as again, this one was shaping up to be interesting—where people escaping from a dystopian future found a way to transport themselves back to present day Maine.

I’m beginning to think American TV companies just don’t know what to do with good quality, or well-written science fiction and fantasy shows, they seem to prefer darkly weird, violent, or fantasy shows that involve endless degradation of women [GoT anyone?]

One of the problems being, TV Execs attach these shows as lead-ins for other popular shows, in time slots not really suited to the kind and style of show and, as a consequence, they never really generate the viewing numbers Execs hope for.

Oh if only I owned my own TV channel!

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  1. September 12, 2018

    Colony got cancelled? Aww!!! I saw the first season a bit from the second. Guess there’s no point in continueing…

    I think i watched a few episodes of Defiance and it was pretty good. Tried the video game as well, but that was not particularly engaging or interesting unfortunately.

    Orphan Black is one of my faves too! <3

    • September 12, 2018

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yeah, the powers that be cancelled Colony (along with a ton of other shows). I think the Execs get bored or something.

      Oh, I didn’t try the game … come to think about it, I think the TV series was born out of the game. Another shame.

      Thankfully, we got to see the ending to Orphan Black. But they kept threatening to cancel that one too. Then it won a shit load of awards. I’m hoping The Magicians will make it through. Who knows.

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