A Walk In The Park

The weather has gone from minus 10 and storms to sunshine and plus 17 this weekend, so today, as they said it was going to get upwards of 20 degrees, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk in out local park. The Bois de Coulonge, which roughly translates as the Coulonge woods!

It’s literally ten minutes around the corner from where I live, and with the sun beckoning me outside, I went out in search of flowers. Well, I didn’t find many flowers but I did find the lodge (home) of the exceedingly rare lesser brown ground beaver. Alas, there was no sighting of the very shy creature, itself. But then, that’s only to be expected.

Check out more photos over on La Dolca Vita website!


  1. I wouldn’t have guessed that the mound was a beaver’s home! Interesting capture, Alex!

    • Alexandra says

      I’m actually teasing, Veronica … it’s a pile of wood shavings! But I was talking to one of the park gardeners, and he was kidding me that it was a rare beaver lodge! So I too thought to have a bit of fun.

    • Alexandra says

      You’re welcome, Jonetta! 😉

    • Alexandra says

      I’m glad my little jape made you laugh, Veronica! I do like to tease. 😀

  2. Oh, this is cool! I think i would have just thought it’s a pile of leaves and tree bits 😀

    • I did think that, and the gardener doing the clean up nearby tried to convince me otherwise, when I was stood taking a photo of the pile of debris, Norrie. He was so ernest about it being a beaver’s lodge, I laughed, caught his cheek and then, decided to do the same thing here.

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