A Lockdown Update

It’s been ages since I wrote an update about how things are here, in my slice of COVID-infected heaven. So, seeing how my partner chose to wake me at 7 am this morning to tell me the good news—that the Orange Cheeto and his spouse were COVID positive—it’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, how we’re back to square one, in this pandemic game of Snakes and Ladders!

Three weeks ago, here in my province, we were seeing about 88 cases of corona virus a day, mostly mild cases, mostly in people under 50. And ICU admissions were way down. They were, in fact, only a dozen people, at that time, in ICU … And then?

It all hit the fan. Infections went up to just over a hundred a day, then that went to 150 a day, then lo and behold that was 250 a day. Which, after two weeks, had risen to 400-500 a day … now?

Now it’s over 1000+ a day!

What. The. Hell. Went. Wrong?

So while some of us diligently behaved, and followed the rules, stayed in where possible. Did our best, maintained our distance and, if we did have to go out, always, but always wore a mask the minute we stepped outside our apartment. Even if we were only going to the garbage chute or our mailbox. And then, on return, we washed our hands immediately, and put our masks in the wash basket. Making sure we wore a fresh, clean one each time necessary.

But all for what? So others could go out and party? Get sick and infect everyone else?

We heard that just down the road—at St. Sacrament, the hospital I went to, in May for food poisoning—has declared an outbreak of corona virus in their ICU ward. Their damn ICU ward.

Can you image?

That means that whole hospital is now, once again, back in full-on lockdown and the terror or worrying about if it spreads to other patients, is almost palpable here, 300 yards down the road.

Last time and outbreak happened, in April/May, was across the road at the Jeffery Hale hospital, and hundreds got sick—93 patients and 91 staff infected, with 65 deaths!

Walk in the park? No thank you. Go to the corner shop? No thank you. Neither of us want to leave the apartment for any reason.

And so, here we are, all over again. Tsunami wave number 2 is crashing in on us, with, I am quite sure, another wave right behind ready to threaten. Because, once again, selfish people don’t care about their neighbours, or anyone else, it would seem, other than themselves.

We are, once again, on lockdown here in the city and deep in a Red Zone.

Please, please, where ever you are, take care and stay safe.


2 Comments A Lockdown Update

  1. AvatarSophie October 2, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    Alex, that’s the same in Belgium! People went to holiday and came back infected. Schools reopened and universities too! Attending classes is not dangerous I think (with masks and distance) but it’s the partying!
    The the student come home on the weekends and infect their families. We fear that we’ll get COVID from our daughter or son when they come back on the weekend because even if they don’t party (they see only the people they are allowed) they can’t guarantee their friends behave all the time!
    Plus they live in dormitories and their friends too…
    So it’s spreading like a wildfire!

    1. AlexAlex October 3, 2020 at 2:31 pm

      Oh, dang, sorry to hear you too are in the same boat, Sophie. We had all hoped that by now, we’d be looking at less and less cases. Not worrying all over again. It’s an utter mess … and then, yesterday, hearing that Trump and many of his people have all tested positive, didn’t make us laugh. Quite to opposite in fact.. It just brings home the horror. But what can we do?

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