A Duck Family Outing!

I’ve been running a lot of errands today, but along with me, the traffic, my bus, and a couple of thoughtful Guys, a duck taking her family for a walkabout (to who knows where) stopped us all in our tracks.

It took the 2 Guys 3-4 minutes to usher Mama Duck and her brood across the busy road. But all made it safely to the other side. Where she went after that, I don’t know, as I had to catch the bus, but at least I got a photo.

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  1. I so love that kind of story Alexandra!! These big guys helping our little mama that’s so cute!

    • Alexandra says

      It was enough to make me smile widely, Sophie. So touching, as you say. 😀

  2. Aw, so cute!
    We have a duck couple who often hangs out in our office parking lot <3

  3. Alexandra says

    I always thought they liked to be near water, but hey, urban life is so different, right? 😉

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