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A Change of Scenery

Dear All:

I’m reclaiming the Wry Writer website to utilise for other purposes. And have moved ALL my posts (along with all your wonderful comments) over to a fresh new site specifically created for all things books: BOOK BLURB

I do hope you will choose to join me there and sign up to follow along, and not miss out on any future posts. I’m looking to do a lot more interviews, giveaways and guest posts this year, as well, or course, as my customary reviews.

See you there, and a big BIG thank you for all your continued support!

2 comments on “A Change of Scenery

  1. Avatar
    Beware Of The Reader

    Moving to follow you there 😉

    • Alex

      Thank you, Sophie, I look forward to seeing you there talking about the books and authors we love!

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