Month: April 2018

Oscar-Worthy Movies?

I had a buying spree that included: Dunkirk, Lady Bird, Murder on the Orient Express and 3 Billboards, plus the second season of Da Vinci’s Demons, because, why not, we’d already watched season 1 a couple of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the Florentine romp. This meant binge watching season 2 as we watched Da Vinci strut his stuff. Ably aided by the same cast of characters from the first season. Only this time, we took a rather curious undocumented journey to the New World, and Machu Picchu, in search of the fabled Book of Leaves. And who’s to say whether or not Da Vinci ever found his merry way either across nearly all of South America, through the Amazon jungle, to Peru … or whether or not his tiny ship made it around the Cape and up the coast, and found Peru that way. We won’t trouble ourselves with these minor details when thoroughly immersed in this version of Da Vinci’s life and times. After all, it is pure escapism. People with perfect teeth and …

Q&A with Kevlin Henney

First up, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and background? I live in Bristol — one wife, two sons, three, no cats or dogs — and work as a software development consultant. I’ve written books, columns and articles on software development. A few years back, after a brief hiatus (of a couple of decades…), I decided to get back into writing fiction. This was possibly some kind of manifestation of mid-life crisis. Software development and flash fiction, is there a correlation? Not sure there’s a direct correlation, and I’m not sure it applies to all software developers or to all flash-fictioneers, but for me there are many connections between the two, some logical and some personal.

Grammatical Bad Habits

These are just a number of the more common mistakes we all do when writing, and, as such, I thought to share them with you in one easy-to-copy primer. all ready/already; all right/alright; all together/altogether We were all ready by the afternoon. I had already written to my accountant. Do you feel all right now? (Note: You should only ever use the American slang term alright in dialogue.) We were all together for my mother’s party. They kept three cats altogether in the house. get Get is one of the most overused verbs in the English language. Try to remember not to use have got for have or possess. AVOID: She’s got three cats. INSTEAD: She has three cats. AVOID: Will you get the prize? INSTEAD: Will you win the prize? however Try not to start a sentence with however. Its best position is second in the sentence, after whatever it qualifies i.e., I must, however, tell you… If placed further along in the sentence it loses its force and simply clouds its function. AVOID: …

Q&A with author Colleen Gleason

First of all Colleen, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself, and what got you into writing to begin with? I’ve been writing stories since I was very young, in elementary school (one of my first efforts was a version of my classmates and me in a Gilligan’s Island sort of story. It is long buried!) I wrote all through high school and college, but didn’t actually finish a book until after I’d graduated college and was working full time. I went on to write eight books in total, trying to sell each of them to a publisher, until I wrote and, with the help of my agent, sold my ninth book to a division of Penguin Books in late 2005. That book was released in 2007, and since then I’ve written and published eleven novels (five as Colleen Gleason, three as Colette Gale, and three as Joss Ware). Sometimes, I’m not sure who I am when I wake up in the morning!