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Cold War Spies in a Futuristic War-torn Future.

Come on, who can resist that distinctly dystopian lure of a very ordinary man caught up in a Cold-War spy story set in some not-so-distant paranoid Europe?

Europe in Autumn, described as Len Deighton meets John Le Carré, penned by Brit-based author, Dave Hutchinson, is a look into a twisted future of what could be, or what might have been…

Europe in Autumn  is a dystopian SF espionage thriller that evokes the nightmarish world of Franz Kafka, taking place in a war and disease-torn Europe of hundreds of tiny nations with kidnapping, double-crosses and a map that constantly re-draws itself.

Rudi is a cook in a Kraków restaurant, but when boss asks him to help a cousin escape from the country he’s trapped in, a new career – part spy, part people-smuggler – begins. Recruited by the shadowy organisation Les Coureurs des Bois, Rudi is schooled in espionage. When he is sent to smuggle someone out of Berlin and finds a severed head inside a locker instead, a conspiracy begins to wind itself around him.

Europe in Autumn

By Dave Hutchinson
Run the borders on 29th January (US & Canada) and 13th February (UK)
£7.99 (UK) ISBN 9781781081952
$7.99/$9.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 9781781081945
Available in paperback and ebook